Saturday, December 11, 2010

Any weary souls out there?

Any weary souls out there? I am weary. I hesitate to say that because I know so many people who are experiencing some really difficult situations and my heart aches for each of these. I called my mom(and prayer warrior) this morning and she prayed with me. Later I went on my morning run. I decided to do a little extra today before the weather got bad. I was listening to my shuffle when Josh Groban's song, "You Raise Me Up" came on. I have listened to this song a least 100 times but today the Lord spoke to me through Josh's beautiful voice. I began to cry out to God - thanking Him over and over for raising me up every time. EVERY TIME !!!

The song finished and then it began to play again, as if God were saying, "If you did not get it the first time-here it is again!!!" (I had accidently recorded it twice). I couldn't help but laugh. I love God and His wonderful sense of humor.

Thank you, God for raising me up so I can stand on mountains. Thank you, God for raising me up so I can walk on stormy seas. Thank you,God for giving me strength. And God I thank you for doing the same for all those that you and I know that are hurting so badly. In Jesus' name!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Baby Boy turns 25

Samuel's First Christmas

Samuel's Sayings and Doings

Samuel's Homecoming

WOW!!! I was not expecting this to hit me like it did. I woke up this morning at 2:00-wide awake. At 5:30 I decided to get on up. I went to the drawer and pulled out Samuel's baby book to see what time he was born. I began to read some of the things I had written - details about his birth, what he did and when, his first Christmas, first birthday and the day he was baptized.

Needless to say the tears began to flow as I read and remembered all the little things he did-watched his Tennessee beat Kentucky for the SEC title when he was just 5 hours old,smiled at 9 days, held is head up at 4wks,first Road Trip at just over a month old, laughed all the time at 3 and a half months, cut his first tooth at 4 months, crawled and said "Dada" at 6 months, said "Momma" at 9 months(not sure why they always say "Dada" first when we spend about twice as much time with them), sang with perfect pitch at 12 months, took first step at 13 months and so on.

And so the days were filled, watching him grow. Samuel, you are such a blessing to me. I am so proud of you and I am thankful to have you as my son. Happy 25th Birthday. I love you. MOM

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Check out Three New Blogs-trying to catchup

Trip to Chicago


During my fall break Summer and I flew to Chicago to visit with Samuel and to drive his car back so we could sell it. We had a wonderful time with lots of great food. We walked to the Navy Pier, which is just a stone's throw away from his apartment, went to see him play Flag Football, ran along Lake Michigan,visited the Lego store, went to the top of the Sears' Tower (which is no longer the Sears' Tower), saw the BEAN, walked down Michigan Avenue. Samuel's apartment is really convenient to everything and he has it nicely decorated. It has a roof top area where you can see the city and Lake Michigan. Summer and I had our devotional up there early one morning. The weather was beautiful!!! Samuel was the perfect host taking us to several great places to eat-RL's, Foxx and Obels, The Yolk, Gage's and another place where we had a delicious steak. We also had a delcious meal on Sunday night by a friend of Samuel's and also got to meet some of his friends he has made in Chicago. I had to take a picture of Luke's Place and of course, Papa's mark is EVERYWHERE!! Thanks, Samuel for a wonderful visit!!!

Summer and I had a good drive back home with a stop over in Bradford to see Meme and Papa. Thanks, Summer for going with me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Montana Fishing Trip for Greg and Norman

In September Norman finally went fly fishing with our friend Greg. Greg had been asking Norman to go for about 15 or 20 years and it just never seemed to be a time when he could go but now that he has gone, I know he definitely wants to go again sometime. They spent about 6 hrs a day for 7 relaxing days fly fishing in Montana. They also made a short visit to Yellowstone National Park. Thanks, Greg, for being so persistent, for doing all the planning, for the supply list and for putting up with his sometimes corny jokes. He really had a great time!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

holy experience

26. Safe trips
27. Tape players, Hardy Boys tapes and well behaved grandchildren
28. Ryan's delicious cooking
29. Hugs from Parker
30. Kisses from Sydney
31. Updates from Sara
32. Calls from Summer
33. My sister-who listens to me, prays with me and for me, and understands without me having to give an explanation
34. ALL MY NIECES AND NEPHEWS!!!(Especially Chesed-because she always reminds me of what I have forgotten to be thankful for!!!)
35. Computers
36. Tom's Bayou - any time of day!!!!
37. Florida Park
38. My Aunt Sarah
39. My brother-in-law - for his crazy forwards
40. Chickens and baby rabbits
41. My cousin Cheri who inspires and encourages me daily
42. Air-Conditioning in Valdosta
43. Rain
44. A bed
45. A husband who calls me to see how I am doing when he is away
46. My Bible
47. That God accepts(and understands why they were not posted on Monday) my thank yous on Tuesday
48. Sand in my shoes
49. The beautiful beaches in Destin
50. For this day

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Summer to Remember

Bryce, Landon, Parker and Sydney camping with Gran at Deep Creek

Sydney was quite the little mother hen with her friend and cousin Estella

Sydney with just some of the things we took to Deep Creek. We had Norman's
truck and the trailer full.

Fishing in Auntie's pond

Behind the Crab Trap @ Beautiful Destin with some of the family

Madeline and Bryce at Florida Park

Landon with his fish that he caught on his homemade fishing pole. The lure was bigger than the fish.

Big Kahunas

Papa with his John Deere lawn mower - just one more to add to his collection (I think that makes #5)

This summer I have the wonderful privilege of keeping my grands for a period of time and of course I came to my mom and dad's for re-enforcement. My mother can run circles around me when it comes to keeping up with the kids. We left on Tuesday to drive to Destin where I met my sister and 22 other relatives at Big Kahunas (a HUGH water park). We arrived @ 11 and stayed until 5 - to say my tail was dragging at the end of the day is an understatement. We took a few pictures but mostly our eyes were on the 13 children (which were 13 and under). And yes, by the grace of God we left with the same 13 with which we had arrived. Fun was had by ALL (the children, that is). Yesterday Ma, Aunt Sarah and I took my four down to Florida Park where Landon caught a fish on his homemade fishing pole. The lure was almost as big as the fish. We couldn't believe it and did not think you would either so we took a picture for proof. We then visited with the cousins again at my sister's house, where the kids enjoyed paddling in the canoe and kayak, playing in the wash tub, killing a snake, basketball, a video game, Lego's and running and screaming through the house. When we loaded up the kids to come home, I thought it was at least 8 o'clock, it was 6. When we got back over to Ma's we got ice cream from Aunt Sarah's, rode bikes and the golf cart to Florida Park, played in the water, got baths and then played a game of Rook with Papa, Ma, Parker and Bryce. Parker and Papa won. What a great day we had!! Everyone enjoyed a good nights sleep. This morning we made a trip to Turkey Creek where we were met by Kimberly, Estella and soon to be baby Luna. We swan, talked about Deep Creek, got chased by the squirrels and watched the turtles.

Ou next trip was to Deep Creek, our family camping trip we make every year in Bryson City,NC. The grands and I went up a little earlier to secure the campsites. We had such a good time even though we had rain the very first night-had to change tents in the middle of the night but I don't think the kids will forget that for a long time -that is everyone except Parker who slept through the entire move. He woke up the next morning and said, "How did we get in this tent?"