Saturday, July 25, 2009

Landon's visit with Gran and Papa

After the reunion we had the priviledge of having Landon with us for a few days. I don't remember ever having just him by himself. We had a good time. We built an airplane with legos, used Luke's skateboard to ride down the hill, made cookies and a special cake, picniced with Papa, fished with Papa(he caught all the fish but Landon got to pull them in)and of course had bubble baths and a movie. Thanks, Landon for staying with us and hope you will be able to come again soon.

Shelling in Bradford and Norman's 40th Class Reunion

This summer Norman, Luke and I made a trip to Bradford for Norman's 40th class reunion. (Yes, he is much older than me!!!!!) This is another of my favorite places to visit. While we were there Meme and Papa's neighbor told us we could go pick some shelly beans so we did. It brought back so many memories of when Norman and I were first married and when our kids were young. Meme and Papa lived on a hill with about 10 acres of land next to a cemetary. There were always at least two gardens-one between Meme and Papa's and Uncle Billy Bob's and another in the bottom close to the cemetary. Just outside the house was a big shade tree with a swing and some yard chairs, as they were called. This is where everyone would congregate after picking the stuff from the garden to shell the peas and beans, shuck the corn, and make homemade ice cream. There was always a breeze and plenty of waves from the people as they passed by. Meme would take those fresh vegetables and cook them just right. She would add some corn bread, fresh tomatoes and sweet tea and boy hidy - that was some good eating!!!!! - Paula Deen, Emeril or the Iron Chef would not even compare!!! Meme was the ORIGINAL Iron Chef! Give her an IRON SKILLET and she could make everything taste good!!!The old home place has since been replaced by a four-lane highway but those great memories will last a life time. Thanks Meme and Papa for such wonderful memories!!

The reunion was alot of fun, too. It was held in the Bradford Elementary Gym. As soon as we walked in the door a woman jumped up, hugged Norman and said, "Junior Norman, you look just like Polly Norman(that's Norman's momma) with a mustache." It was neat to hear the tales they all told on each other. About picking cotton, selling magazines and going on their Senior Trip to New York and Niagra Falls-which by the way was quite a trip for these kids that had never been out of Gibson County. I cannot imagine what it was like to go to the same school from kindergarten through 12th grade. This was a place where neighbors were really neighbors and not just aquaintances. We laugh about this small town in West Tennessee but what a neat place it must have been to grow up. A rich hertiage, indeed!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deep Creek 2009/NC Berry Reception

Deep Creek is my absolute favorite time of year. I knew a girl whose family went to the same place every summer for vacation. I thought how dumb is that to go to the same place every year but ... now I know. It is located in the Smoky Mountain National Park in Bryson City, NC. Some of the best sleeping ever (of course my mattress is coveted by all)for those that don't have the NEW and improved air bed(NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A REGULAR AIR MATTRESS) There is just nothing like waking to the sounds of birds singing and squirrels chatting back and forth to one another(or listening to the conversation of a fellow camper) The campfires, tube rides, card games,good food and fellowship can not be matched. I do hope everyone will be able to come next year. A certain someone is turning 60-what better place to celebrate than Deep Creek!!