Monday, March 8, 2010

Mexico in March (compliments of JD)

Norman and I had the wonderful opportunity to be host for the 2010 Manager's Club in Pueto Vallarta, Mexico. We met many nice new people and visited with some familiar faces, as well. The trip was one of the best! We arrived on Thursday afternoon to a the beautiful Grand Velas Suites & Spa. Our room was huge and had a beautiful view overlooking the pool and the Pacific Ocean. We slept with our door open every night so we could be lulled to sleep by the crashing of the oceans waves. It was like a sedative. On Friday our activity was a Canopy Tour. We met in the open-air lobby around 9:30 and were greeted by two vivacious young tour guides - Nada and Poncho. They were so full of energy. After about an hour's ride through the country, we arrived to our destination "the middle of know where". There we were suited up with harnesses, bandanas, and helmets. We were given a quick lesson on zip-lining and then we were off for our hike up the mountain. We were surrounded by more energitic zippers who affectionately called us Maria Jose' and Papa Norman. One at a time we watched the people ahead of us fly through the air over the top of the trees and suddenly it was my turn. Marco hooked the bottom line and then the top. I placed my left hand around the ropes and my right on top of the bottom line and was reminded to gently press down when given the signal to break at the bottom of the ride. DO NOT GRAB THE ROPE!!! I sat down gently, let go of the line and off I went flying through the air (screaming, of course). I watched for the signal to break at the bottom and immediately grabbed the rope. Needless, to say I got quite a jerk but landed safely on the next platform with the help of Phillipe. My legs were like jelly but I was ready to go again. We did around 12-15 lines, repelled twice, crossed 2 very shaky wooden bridges, and climbed a 75' swinging ladder!!!! It was AWESOME and I highly reccommend it to everyone over 50.

The next day our activity was riding ATV's out in the country. A 5 minute lesson on how to drive an ATV was given, a helmet and another bandana and off we went. Norman and I were at the very back on the line. I had never driven an ATV so I was a little nervous to say the least! The guide kept motioning for me to go faster and faster, then finally moved me to the front of the line. After I realized I was not going to die, I really enjoyed the trip. Not sure I every got the shifting of the gears right but it was really a lot of fun. We traveled through real Mexican villages,passed cows in the middle of the road, along with true cowboys on horseback, and splashed through mud puddles.

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