Saturday, February 23, 2008

After a wonderful week of relaxation at the beach, it was time to go home and although I hated to leave, I had a longing in my heart to go home. I loaded my car, said my tearful goodbyes, attached my bluetooth, turned on my GPS and pushed the button that said GO HOME. If you read my previous blog concerning my GPS you will remember that I had a very hard time following the path that it was telling me to go. I wanted to know where I was, where I was going, and how I was going to get there. I questioned every turn. But this time was different. I decided to follow it exactly - no questions asked. I had no idea which way it was going to take me. All I knew was that I wanted to go home and my GPS could take me there. When it told me to stay right, I stayed right. When it said turn left, I turned left. And guess what ... I arrived home. The funny thing about it was the directions never changed only the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). My destination is heaven and if I follow God's Path for Survival, that's where I am going to arrive.

Thank God I have His direction to lead me all the way home!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

"WOW 2008"
(Women Only Week)

Since Monday of this week, we have been enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

We have talked, listened, prayed, cried, and laughed together. The time has been a blessing to all three of us and we are so thankful for each other.

After this time of relaxation and reflection we made

3 decisions:

1 -Announcing the Reorganization of WOW

A women only weekend retreat will be held in February beginning next year; henceforth known as the F-18s (Females over 18). The location of this event will be announced later on this year.

This decision was made after we realized how much we enjoyed our time together. In reflection, we realized that we should have set aside time to be together when we were raising our families.
Thus, we want this to be special for the women in our family with or without children.

The Theme for our 2009 F-18s weekend is:

"Soaring Above the Clouds "

We have great plans to make this event a memorable
experience for everyone who attends.
POC-Brenda or DOHDOH

2 (Thanksgiving Beach House Bash)

We will gather for a Beach House Thanksgiving on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. This event will include gourmet meals and a talent show with CASH PRIZES so start practicing now. We will need someone to volunteer to be the Program Director. I nominate last year’s PD (Chesed and Karin Barbee).

3 (Deep Creek Camping Trip)

We will continue to have our annual camp-out at Deep Creek which will include a Photo Scavenger Hunt with CASH PRIZES.

(Potential family members must still pass the test!)

Looking for a volunteer to plan and organize meals and also someone to design and print T-shirts for this occasion.

POC-Brenda or DohDoh

Part 2 (A Continuation of) JB - A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE
February 22, 2008

After visiting some of our old landmarks including Daphine Island, we visited with some old friends and dined with Debbie & Teddy, Gabe & Janna and there two precious children, Claire Fraiser & Winchester, and Rainer & her fiance’ Dan. This was a special treat and we are so glad they were able to share this time with us. We even got to visit with Uncle Bob and Aunt Aubrey for a few minutes.

On Sunday we went to the church where we were baptized. They had torn down the old sanctuary to make room for the new one, but the old nursery building where we stayed in the nursery, is still standing. The weather really got nasty right after church so we hurried into the Atlanta Bread Company for a bowl of soup and a sandwich. We scrambled to get into the car without getting blown away and soaked to the bone and get back to Christopher's apartment. The the rain soon let up a little and we headed to the final stop of our Walk Down Memory Lane.

This is “Rainer’s Roost” but affectionately known as


It was and still is located on Mobile Bay,
despite the pounding of many hurricanes.

Our visit took us back to many summer vacations spent…….

Playing with Cousins

Catching Alligators on Cane Poles

Surfing on a plywood surf board

Tubing behind Papa’s boat

Shrimping in Papa’s boat

Frying and Shelling those shrimp

Dropping live crabs in boiling water to cook them for dinner

Anticipating Jubilees

Climbing up the steps to the porch

Sitting on the Porch Watching storms come across the bay

Swinging on the Porch

Shooting snakes from the porch

Napping in the breeze

Peeling after too much sun

Baby Powderings by Granny after a hot bath

Walking out to the pole to find out how high the tied was

Playing in the slew

AND……Listening to the frogs and gators at night!
JB (Joint Blog) – February 21st
A Walk Down Memory Lane


We could write a very long detailed description of our week together, but we decided it might be best to condense the events into an outline of such. Our walk down memory lane in Mobile, the place of our birth and early childhood years, triggered many pleasant thoughts from the past.

Thanks to our husbands, who patiently endured our walk!

This is a picture of the first house Papa and Ma built with the help of our Papa Rainer. It took six months and was completely paid for when we moved into the house. I (Brenda) was six weeks old; Ma & Papa were 19 & 20.

This is the second house that Papa and Ma built. It was also paid for when we moved into it. I, Mary Jo, was 3 years old and Brenda was in 1st grade. We walked to school everyday, often meeting our cousins at the corner.

Here is a picture of the elementary school we attended.

This is a picture of the big Oak tree that grew in the middle of the street on which the two houses were built. We both learned to ride our bicycles on this street and can remember riding around and around this huge tree.

This is a picture of the house where our Granny and Papa Rainer lived which was located down the hill and around the curve from our house.

We both have fond memories of the many hours we spent playing in this yard, swinging on the porch swing, wading in the water that flow ed down the drainage ditch on rainy days, sliding down the banister, drinking icy bottled cokes on the back porch, climbing in the pear tree, eating Granny’s chocolate cake and ice cream in front of the fire place, and aggravating our Papa when he was napping.

This is Uncle Bob and Aunt Aubrey’s house where Cheri and Debbie lived. It was just across the street from Granny’s house located on Dog River, where we fished, swam, and learned to ski. The backyard was the location of many birthday celebrations, Easter egg hunts, and family gatherings around the swimming pool. This pool was dug my hand with a shovel by Papa Rainer and Uncle Bob. The memories of iced tea, Brunswick stew and Aunt Aubrey’s burnt okra still make our mouths water. The stew was made from vegetables taken out of Granny’s freezer. She emptied it every summer to make room for fresh vegetables bought from the Farmer’s Market. Our job was to shell and shuck. Often the stew was followed by a gallon of hand-cranked homemade ice cream, frozen peaches, and a slice of one of Granny’s delicious cakes. To earn dessert, our job was to sit on top of the churn to keep it still while someone turned the crank. (To Be Continued)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I forgot to list 5 random things about myself:
1) I was a PE major in college until I made a D in basketball (The teacher I had was Pat Head Summit's basketball coach)Just think what I could have been if she had just worked with me a little bit!!!!!
2) I have been baptized 3 times - when I was 6, 18, and 27 -just wanted to make sure I was covered!!!
3) I actually wore a bridesmaid's dress to a prom.
4) I have always wanted to be a physical therapist.
5) My dad paid less than $100 for my first car-the doors opened up from the front-it was called the Flying Renault.
Well everyone seems to have gotten on the bandwagon of blogging which is good. Now maybe everyone will forget that I have one and stop bugging me because I have not blogged. It would take too long to fill you in on everything that has been going on since the last time I blogged so I will just give you a few highlights. The Super Bowl was great and I don't even like Pro Football. I especially enjoyed the delicious supper Ryan prepared. Sara and I really enjoyed going to Amy's shower. We got to visit on the way over and back(which is really rare believe it or not even though we live in the same house) Summer and Suzie did a great job with the shower and Sara and I really enjoyed being a part of it. Last week Summer and I had a very nice dinner at the Flying Biscuit. Thanks Summer for meeting me for supper!!! Today is Valentine's Day and I got a very funny card from my husband who is out of town(He actually planned ahead before he left and had told Sara where the card was so she could give it to me on Valentine's Day. I was very impressed!!!!!) Tonight Ryan fixed a special dinner for Sara and I. He fed the kids ahead of time and then fixed us a delicious appettizer( I would give you the name of it but I cannot spell it)Then we had steaks that were yummy with this fabulous creamed parsnips!!! I think I ate all my points for the next 2 weeeks in one sitting. I will be meeting Norman in Mobile tomorrow night. Ma, Papa, Auntie, Chris, Norman and I are suppose to take a walk down memory lane in Mobile this weekend if Papa doesn't chicken out because of a little cool weather. Next week I will be spending the week on the beach with Auntie and Ma. We did this last year and really enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided we would make this an annual event. I CANNOT wait!! Summer came Friday night for the boy's game along with our friends, Greg and Kathy. It was good to see them. We don't get to visit with them very often. And of course we always love having Summer here. (Thanks, Josh, for sharing her with us) The boys(and Sydney) love her so much. Samuel came Saturday for the boy's final game. It is always good to have him home too. Luke is staying very busy with work and his class. I better get in the bed. I have a long drive tomorrow. Until ...