Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday, Josh!!!!!
Well someone told me the other day that my other son(in-law) may think I was a little partial to Ryan because I had kept his picture on my blog for so long but as I said in that blog I am so blessed to have TWO wonderful son(in-laws) but today I will blog about Josh. Josh joined our family OFFICIALLY about 5 and a half years ago and has been such an added blessing to us all. He, like Ryan, is such a good brother-in-law to Summer's siblings who can all be somewhat opinionated at times.(just stating the facts) He is always a willing helper when things need to be done in our huge extended family. He is easy going and an excellent babysitter!!!!! His nieces and nephews love their Uncle Josh-in fact, much to Summer's dismay, I believe they said "Josh" before they said "Summer"(Actually, I think they said Maddux before either of them)He is an encourager, too but most of all he loves our daughter. Thanks, Josh, for being such a blessing to our family. Happy 30th Birthday, we love you.